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  • Enhance Your Future is a leading resource provider to training organisations and TAFE’s across Australia and Globally. 
  • We provide convenient professional development training online that can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet.
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What is Professional Development?

Professional development is the process of improving and increasing your knowledge by accessing education and training opportunities. These opportunities can be within the workplace, from outside sources such as online training platforms or training seminars, or through watching others perform the job.


Professional development helps build and maintain morale of staff members, and is thought to attract higher quality staff to an organisation.


Many professions require employees to engage in ongoing learning, this is often a requirement for maintaining employment or a membership to an industry body.


Many people also voluntarily seek new learning opportunities.
Professional development is for everyone!

Why Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?


In many cases now, industries and professional associations mandate CPD for all members/employees. Without this you can lose your professional registrations or even your job. Mandatory CPD can be anything from 10 hours per year to 50 hours per year. CPD ensures you remain current and up-to-date in your industry or field of work. CPD means your career, your employer and the public are all safeguarded against out-of-date information and actions that can cause problems. In short, CPD training:

  • Ensures you and your knowledge are relevant and up-to-date at all times
  • Maintains industry PD requirements (many industries now have mandatory PD requirements to remain working/registered)
  • Ensures your capabilities are that of industry standards and others in your field
  • Provides you with any changes in your area of interest
  • Expands your area of interest
  • Makes you more employable
  • Helps advance the body of knowledge and technology within your profession
  • Can increase public perception of an industry or industry professionals


Providing continuous professional development training for your employees prepares them for positions of greater responsibility and provides them with opportunities to improve. It can also help you to retain your workers and to attract the best employees in your business. Good employees want to continue to learn and improve and offering PD training to them will help to attract them to your organisation. In short, CPD training:

  • Increases the collective knowledge of your team
  • Boosts employee satisfaction
  • Makes your company more appealing to potential employees
  • Helps to attract the right kind of in-demand candidates
  • Aids in staff retention 
About us

Enhance Your Future provides online short courses for professional development and upskilling purposes.

Our course developers are experienced and hold numerous current VET qualifications & have extensive involvement in learning design and development in the vocational education and training sector as well as industry experience.

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All of our courses are non-accredited. Our courses are focused on equipping the learner with specific knowledge and skillsets.

Our short professional development courses are designed to help you in your current and future career, or for upskilling purposes.

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